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Flyers - A6 - A5 - A4 and DL in a range of three paper weights - 150 - 250 and 350gsm
A3 Posters also available in three paper weights - 150 - 250 and 350gsm. Large format posters available in A2 - A1 and A0 sizes. Please email for a price.
Business cards 450gsm thick satin card - finished size - 85 x 55mm with a choice of standard, matt or gloss finish.
Folded flyers - A4 folded to A5 (4 page), A4 tri fold (6 page) and A5 folded to A6 (4 page). All have options of 150gsm, 250gsm and 350gsm stock weights.
(Paper sizes and weights explained in detail below).


standard flyer sizes  
Supplying your own Ready to Print Artwork
 We accept files in the following formats: JPEG, , PDF, Publisher & Word.
 Bleed of 1mm must be allowed on all trimmed edges of the project.
 We require the following file sizes:
A4 - 212mm x 299mm including 1mm bleeds 
(finished size: 210mm x 297mm)
A5 - 150mm x 212mm including 1mm bleeds 
(finished size: 148mm x 210mm)
A6 - 107mm x 150mm including 1mm bleeds 
(finished size: 105mm x 148mm)
DL- 100mm x 212mm including 1mm bleeds 
(finished size: 98mm x 210mm) 
Business Cards- 91mm x 61mm including 3mm bleeds (finished size: 85mm x 55mm) 
Resolution - optimal 300dpi. We can in most instances print from as low as 72dpi. We will confirm quality with you before printing.
 For Leaflets, Flyers, etc. - we require a 3mm safety space between text / objects and artwork edge (does not apply to the background image).
 Alfonts should be embedded if sending PDF format.
 Printer Marks / Guide Lines - Please do not add to your artwork - we will add our own.

CMYK colour only: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key (black). 
We don't print Pantone or Hex colours; however if you sent us artwork using these colours or in RGB mode we'll convert it to CMYK palette using CMYK Europe ISO Fogra27 profile.

Paper Weights and Thicknesses Explained

In Europe, paper is measured in GSM. This stands for ‘grams per square meter’ and means exactly that - how many grams a single sheet of paper measuring 1m x 1m weighs. 
Common weight in cut sheets -
80gsm - Standard home printer or photo copier paper  
120gsm - Letterheads 
130 or 150gsm are generally used for leaflets or flyers. 
Anything weighing more than 170gsm is generally classified as board. 
250gsm is the weight of a standard postcard. 
350gsm is a standard business card or a thicker postcard weight. (Our standard business cards are 450gsm with the option of adding matt or gloss lamination).