NCR Sets, Pads & Books -


NCR Sizes and Specification - Printed single colour - Black Ink.
NCR sets are available as A5 NCR Pads / Books or A4 NCR Pads / Books. Both come with a choice of 2 part (duplicate), 3 part (triplicate) or 4 part sets (quadruplicate), with identical single colour print to all parts.

All pads come with 50 sets per pad / book with white top copy and coloured final parts (white, pink, blue, green or yellow). All pads have a grey board back with writing shield.
NCR (additional copies) are available in 5 colours / shades / tints - White, Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow
Our NCR pad & book printing is suitable for all business form requirements. Many of our customers purchase NCR pads & books for all kinds of business use, such as: carbonless business forms, order form pads and carbonless business invoice pads.
Efficient and Fast Turnaround Service
Your  NCR print order will in most cases be dispatched within 7 working days.   
To order, please follow the information below, as order options can appear a little complicated.
A printable version of these instructions is available below) 

  1. Select the size required - A4 or A5
  2. Select the number of ADDITIONAL copies / pages you require. (This number does not include the top sheet which is standard white)
  3. Select the number of sets you require - 250 or 500. (All pads & books consist of 50 sets).
  4. Select your second copy sheet colour - required.
  5. Select your third copy sheet colour (if applicable)
  6. Select your forth copy sheet colour (if applicable)
  7. Select if you require numbering (an additional charge is made for this).
  8. Complete your order through our checkout area.
  9. We will contact you shortly to discuss the content of your NCR sets and then provide you with a proof if required. Alterations can be made at this stage.

    pdf logo Print off NCR information

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